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Glass Pool Fencing News

Difficult Pool Fencing Site ?

The perfect Glass Pool Fencing installation, no matter how difficult the site.

The perfect Glass Pool Fencing installation must not only comply with the necessary safety regulations but must enhance the appearance and add significant value to your property.
Raphs Glass Pool Fencing is midful that owners want a safe outdoor area designed not to compromise on looks. We will help with the pool fencing planning and site preperation to make the most from your site no matter how difficult.

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The Ultimate, and Stylish, Solution

Frameless glass pool fencing is the ultimate, and stylish, solution if you want to maximise the view to, or from, your pool.  

Frameless glass panels offer similar advantages on balconies and in alfresco areas also.

Raphs Glass offers frameless glass panel installations that are both strong and modern in design, providing a sense of space and light with no obstructive panels or frames.

While safety is the overriding factor in any installation, if you can use a product with so many other advantages over steel fencing, you will find what could otherwise be an eyesore in your yard is turned into an attraction that enhances the surroundings as well as keeping children safe.

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Out with the Old

Update your old Pool Fencing to a clean & Modern Glass Pool Fence.

If you require a pool fencing update please consider our 'Quick Quote' system as a first step in a whole new look for your pool area.

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Rapss Glass Pool Fencing offers a custom solution to your residential or commercial pool fencing needs in the following service areas.

Service areas for Raphs Glass

This Sanctuary At Victoria Point

A Perfect Time To Get Your Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Installed!

Has Winter Left You Feeling Caged In...A Bit Like That Dated Aluminium Fencing Around Your Pool???  Well Spring Has Sprung!! And It’s A Perfect Time To Get Your Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Installed! Feel Open And Free Just Like This Sanctuary At Victoria Point.

raphs glass project brisbane victoria point

Choosing the Correct Fence for your Pool

Safety should always come first, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want your pool fence to look aesthetically pleasing as well.

Pools are a wonderful addition to every home, especially during the scorching summer months so often associated with the Australian climate. They make for endless fun for kids (and adults) and they’re the perfect way to cool off.

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Why you need a pool fence
In Australia, each state has different laws when it comes to fencing in pools. However, all states and territories agree, without a doubt, that pool fences are necessary. Especially when you consider that drownings in swimming pools occur so frequently, and all too often it’s because of poor fencing.

As such, there are strict pool fencing laws and regulations, outlined in the Australian Standard for Swimming Pool Fencing legislation (AS1936). While some restrictions may seem excessive, the lives of children, pets and even adults are worth every limitation.

Options for pool fences
Regardless of which option you choose, your fencing and gates absolutely must adhere to the Australian standards. This includes:

  • No gaps that are wide enough for a toddler to squeeze through
  • No climbing footholds
  • No more than 100mm ground clearance and at least 1.2m high
  • Strong and rigid enough that a child cannot alter the fence in any way
  • Made by materials and welds strong enough to withstand a heavy lock 

Raphs Glass, in Brisbane, offers a range of options compliant with Australian Standards:

Aluminum and steel: Made with upright bars joined by an upper and lower rail. There are variations on the style and pattern. Steel fencing is one of the most popular options on the market because it is cost-effective and durable, and it requires little to no maintenance.

Safety glass: Held in place by posts and core-drilled or bolted into concrete. You can choose framed, frameless, semi-frameless or in-ground and there are various patterns and designs to choose from.

Colorbond fencing: Tough and iconic, colorbond options are also quite stylish and exceptionally durable. However, it’s best not to use it for the whole fence as it will block out quite a bit of sunlight.

Quality and durability
As with most things in life, quality and durability will change depending on the material. While most expensive doesn’t always equate with the best quality, it’s best not to go with something too cheap. You want something that is quality-made, using good materials and will withstand the test of time, weather and use.

Raphs Glass can guide you through the decision process so that you can be safe and sure that you have the best product for your budget.

-- thanks to 'BestInAU' for their contribution to this news item.

Real Living Magazine Eat Your Heart Out

Black Spigots On Your Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Want Streamline?? Want Modern?? Black Spigots On Your Frameless Glass Pool Will Take Your Pool To The Next Level. Real Living Magazine Eat Your Heart Out!!

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Backyard Resort

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Can Make Any Backyard Feel Like A Holiday Resort

Would You Like To Wake Up To This View Every Morning?? Okay So We Can’t Promise To Bring Raby Bay To Your Backyard But Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Can Make Any Backyard Feel Like A Holiday Resort!!

raphs glass pool fencing raby bay brisbane

Modern New Build

New Build with a Frameless Glass Pool Fence. Perfectly paired with modern and sleek black spigots - Ashgrove, Brisbane

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Plunge Pool Perfection

Frameless Glass Pool Fence & Soft Closing Hydraulic Hinges

sheldon redland bayPlunge Pool Perfection...Finished with a Frameless Glass Pool Fence & Soft Closing Hydraulic Hinges. Bring On Summer! - Sheldon, Redland Bay

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing project - Moggill Brisbane

raphs frameless glass pool fencing moggill brisbane

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing project in Moggill - Brisbane.

Why settle for ordinary?.....  When you can have outstanding !.....  Frameless glass pool fencing no longer just for the rich and famous !   We can make your backyard magazine worthy call Raph Glass today.

Glass Pool Fencing project in New Beith

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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing project in New Beith - Brisbane.

Do you have a dream for your pool fencing?  Well you can stop dreaming! We are here to turn your dream into really..... Just like this recent Frameless Glass Pool Fencing project in New Beith - Brisbane.

Call the team at raphs glass today for an obligation free quote.

Brisbane Bayside Glass Pool Fencing Redland Bay

Nothing Looks Better On A Timber Deck Than Frameless Glass Pool Fencing. Located In Lush Redland Bay In Brisbane's Bayside.

raphs frameless glass pool fencing redland bay bayside brisbane

Redland Bay - Brisbane Pristine Bayside Glass Pool Fence

Nothing Updates An Outdoor Area Faster Than Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Another Happy Customer At Redland Bay In Brisbane's Pristine Bayside.

raphs glass pool fencing redland bay brisbane

Raphs Glass Pool Season Coming Soon

How good does frameless glass pool fencing look!!  Plenty of room to entertain patio inside pool and outside pool area with fire pit topped of with fully frameless glass pool fencing.

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Raphs Glass Pool Fencing in Raby Bay

Glass pool fencing project completed in Raby Bay Brisbane.  Clients are pleased with the job that Raphs Glass Pool Fencing completed recently.

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Stunning Frameless Pool Glass Fencing Brisbane East

💦Another Stunning Frameless Glass Pool Fence Brisbane East 💦Contact Us For Your Free Quote Or Get A Quick Quote On Our Website Link.

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